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JOGG is a movement which encourages all people in a city, town or neighbourhood to make healthy food and exercise an easy and attractive lifestyle option for young people (0-19).

It focuses on children and adolescents themselves, along with their parents and direct environment. JOGG advocates a local approach in which not just the parents and health professionals, but also shopkeepers, companies, schools and local authorities join hands to ensure that young people remain at a healthy weight.

JOGG is part of the Dutch Covenant on Healthy Weight, a joint venture between 26 nationwide organisations in the Netherlands. Former Dutch politician Paul Rosenmöller chairs the covenant, in addition to being the national JOGG-ambassador. The national JOGG-office supports local authorities and their local partners in their sustainable efforts to get children and adolescents to lead healthier lives.

JOGG: is a Dutch acronym for “Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht” : Young People at a Healthy Weight.