Conference Proceedings Book (PDF download)

Sunday 19th April

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Optional workshop 1 - Exploring New Strategies and Tools for Social Marketing Research and Practice – presented by Dr. Craig Lefebvre - click for details

This workshop will explore how four marketing concepts can be immediately applied to your research and programs. The session will consist of brief introductions and illustrations of each of the ideas followed by individual and small group exercises to apply the idea to immediate and relevant problems of the participants. Bring your research and practice puzzles and be prepared to start thinking differently about their possible solutions.

Learning objectives

1. Distinguish between offering benefits and co-creating value with users and their implications for program planning, implementation and evaluation.

2. Explain how a jobs-to-be-done approach shifts the focus of social marketing from identifying and serving needs.

3. Apply journey mapping as a primary formative research technique, a tool for insight development and an inspiration for program planning.

4. Use “social objects” as a core strategy in social media and mobile interventions.

1:30pm – 4:30pm

Free to attend session "Academic Writing and Presenting for Conference Workshop" - presented by Dr Nadia Zainuddin - click for details

Presented by Dr Nadia Zainuddin – This workshop will cover aspects on how to write papers, how to position them for the appropriate audience, and how to present your work. Register at 

4:30pm – 6:30pm

Optional workshop 2 - "Time to get Strategic in Social Marketing ; The added value of applying Social Marketing principles to social programme delivery." – presented by Professor Jeff French and Dr. Ross Gordon – click for details

This workshop will focus on how Social Marketing principles, concepts and techniques can add value to social policy development and implementation. The workshop will examine how Social Marketing can be used to enhance policy selection and the building of more citizen centric social programmes aimed at influencing behaviour. The following questions will be addressed:

  • Why does Social policy need Social Marketing?
  • What is ‘Strategic Social Marketing’ and what value does it add to social policy?
  • What does ‘creating citizen value & relationship mean for social programmes?
  • How can we embed Social Marketing in social policy?
  • How can we develop and deliver effective Strategic Social Marketing strategies

The workshop leaders will present a number of new analytic & descriptive models and tools that can be used to aid the adoption of a strategic marketing approach to social programme development. The session will consist of short inputs, group discussions and Mind-mapping exercises. Participants will explore the models and examples presented and examine how they could be applied in their own work settings .

Learning objectives: Participants…

  1. Will be able to describe the key added value associated with the adoption of a strategic marketing approach to social programme and policy development.
  2. Will understand how to apply a strategic approach to social programme and policy development and its implications for practice.
  3. Will be able to distinguish between operational and strategic planning and how the two elements of effective social programme development are mutually supportive.
  4. Will understand and be able to apply tactical interventions to embed a more strategic approach to the application of Social Marketing within policy development and selection and social programme delivery
7:30pm – 9:30pm

‘Strategic Social Marketing’ book launch with Professor Jeff French and Dr. Ross Gordon at Sydney Business School, Circular Quay - click for details

Supported by: Sydney Business School at the University of Wollongong, Australian Association of Social Marketing (AASM) and SAGE.

Join us for a drink and canapes between 7:30pm to 9:30pm on Sunday 19th April at Level 8 on the Terrace, Sydney Business School, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney, NSW 2000.

You must regsiter to attend this event. Limited to 100 guests. Register at

Monday 20th April

8:45am – 8:50am

"Welcome to Country and Acknowledgment of Country" followed by a welcome from Conference Chair, Professor Jeff French

8:50am – 9:00am

Welcome from Professor Sandra Jones, Director of the Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR) at the Australian Catholic University - click for details

9:00am – 10:30am

Keynote Presentations - click for details

Chair: Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett

09.00 Adrian Bauman, Sesquicentenary Professor  of Public  Health, University of Sydney, Australia

“The politics and promotion of public health – a tangled web of mass media campaigns and social marketing”  [PDF Presentation]  [Watch Video]

Public health approaches to social marketing are increasingly used to increase community awareness, reframe individual behavioural agendas, and provide a call to action to promote health.  The history of public health campaigns is several decades old, but over time, mass media campaigns have become re-labelled as social marketing, without the elements of a comprehensive social marketing approach. The [mostly political] causes of this, and implications for campaign effectiveness pose challenges for the future of this kind of initiative in population health. This presentation will outline marketing successes, and some of the limitations of these approaches in public sector health-related communication. Finally, new opponents have emerged for public sector messages, including counter-marketing by industry; initially the tobacco industry, but more recently from Big Food, alcohol and other private sector areas, through disseminating messages and marketing strategies to counter and undermine health promoting communications. Strategies for “counter-counter-marketing” are still formative, but much needed in the multi-platform media environments in which information and communications occur in the 21st Century. 

09.45 Roberto Venturini, Prevention and Population Health Branch, Department of Health and Human Services, State Government of Victoria, Australia

“Social marketing and BIG social change”  [Watch Video]

To address wicked social issues such as obesity, family violence or community safety we need interconnected change interventions that reach large numbers, are scalable and can be deepened over time.

Follow the development of a social marketing platform as it becomes a critical component of an internationally recognised, and radically different, approach to driving change for better health. Working beyond the delivery of public education campaigns, social marketing has become a key pillar of this powerful movement – one that emboldens governments, business and other partners across sectors and communities – to tackle the rising tide of obesity through leadership, big thinking and joint action.


10:30am – 11:00am

Sponsor Presentation by Rescue Social Change Group - click for details

Jeff Jordan, President and Executive Creative Director, Rescue Social Change Group

“Can We Start Over? Understanding distinct behaviour change pathways and when to use them.” [Watch Video]

Knowledge change, policy change, structural change and cultural change are all “change pathways” that can be supported with a social marketing strategy.  Unfortunately, programmes too often, and sometimes unknowingly, determine which pathway to pursue before even conducting any research or understanding the potential impact of that pathway. Insights are not just about understanding your audience’s preferences and knowledge, they are also critical to determining which behaviour change pathway a social marketing programme should pursue. This talk will explore the factors that should be considered before solidifying your social marketing programme’s behaviour change pathway.

11:00am – 11:30am

Refreshments and networking

11:30am – 1:00pm

Track Sessions - A choice of up to 5 concurrent sessions - click for details

Key: (A) = Academic paper, (P) = Practitioner paper

Seminar Room 1 (4 presentations)

Title: Social Marketing Ethical Dilemmas: Pursuing Practical Solutions for Pressing Problems (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Lynne Eagle, Stephan Dahl, Stacy Carter and David Low

Organisations: James Cook University, University of Hull, University of Sydney


Title: Truth in Social Marketing: Applying Truth Frameworks to the Strategic Evaluation of Social Marketing Campaigns (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Thomas Anker, Linda Brennan and Dorthe Brogaard Kristensen

Organisations: University of Glasgow, RMIT University, University of Southern Denmark


Title: Enviro-ethical Dialogism: Implications for CSR and Consumer Engagement (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Will McConnell and Mine Ucok Hughes

Organisations: Woodbury University


Title: Victory is in the Planning: What Sun-Tzu can Teach Social Marketers (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Tracey Bridges

Organisations: SenateSHJ, New Zealand


Seminar Room 2 (4 presentations)

Title: Marketing Strategy in the Context of Social Enterprise Dualities: Development of a Conceptual Model (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Alex Mitchell, Judith Madill and Samia Chreim

Organisations: Queens University, University of Ottawa


Title: What Rocks Your Boat? When “Attraction” meets “Social Identity” to Achieve Behavioural Change (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Peiyi Wang, Rowan Bedggood and Viet Le

Organisations: Swinburne University of Technology


Title: Cross-Cultural Shared Leadership as a Vehicle to Achieving Community-Level Behavioural Change through Capacity Building (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Clare Johansson, Rowan Bedggood, Aron Perenyi, Karen Farquharson and Gina Milgate

Organisations: Swinburne University of Technology


Title: For and By the People: Promoting Citizen Participation in Local Governance in Bangladesh (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Raihan Amin, Tarik Hasan Somy and Saifullah Tareq

Organisations: Unisocial


Seminar Room 3 (4 presentations)

Title: A qualitative analysis of young drivers’ perceptions of driver distraction social marketing interventions (A) [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Nathan Turnbull and Jennifer Algie

Organisations: University of Wollongong


Title: Examining response to drink driving and speeding road safety television advertisements in eight countries (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Tom Carroll, Claudia Cedillo, Irina Morozova, Sandra Mullin and Nandita Murukutla

Organisations: World Lung Foundation


Title: The ‘Mistakes’ Campaign – Changing how we think about speed (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Rachel Prince, Paul Graham and Linda Major

Organisations: The New Zealand Transport Agency


Title: A Review of Recent Landmark-Designated Social Marketing Case Studies Involving Sustainable Transportation (P) [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Jay Kassirer

Organisations: Tools of Change, Canada


Seminar Room 4 (4 presentations)

Title: Aggregating Potential Collective Action To Motivate Pro-Social Consumption (A)  

Authors: Adrian Camilleri and Richard Larrick

Organisations: RMIT University, Duke University


Title: If climate change is a super wicked problem, is social marketing a super wicked solution? (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: David Meiklejohn

Organisations: RMIT University


Title: Perceived value of using energy efficiently among low-income older residents (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Katherine Butler, Ross Gordon, Kate Roggeveen, Gordon Waitt and Paul Cooper

Organisations: University of Wollongong, Macquarie University    Australia


Title: Does ‘Pride’ Work? A meta-analysis of the effect of 84 social marketing campaigns for conservation (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kevin Green, Brian Crawford and Amielle Dewan

Organisations: Rare, USA


Seminar Room 5 (4 presentations)

Title: Impact Of Public Private Partnerships On Increasing The Uptake Of Modern Contraceptive Methods Through Innovative Social Marketing Campaign (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Houda Khayame

Organisations: ABT Associates, Jordan


Title: Make the Most of Waste (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Anna Kary, Caitlin Scott and Victoria Walker

Organisations: Auckland Council, New Zealand


Title: Social Marketing and Marketing Systems; Towards a Coherent Theory of Change (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Christine Domegan and Roger Layton

Organisations: National University of Galway, Ireland, Australian School of Business, UNSW


Title: The Role for Social Marketing in the Program of Saving Lives at Birth in Indonesia (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Salut Muhidin, Jerico Franciscus Pardosi and Cynthia M. Webster

Organisations: Macquarie University

1:00pm – 2:00pm


2:00pm – 3:30pm

Track Sessions - A choice of up to 5 concurrent sessions - click for details

Key: (A) = Academic paper, (P) = Practitioner paper

Seminar Room 1 (4 presentations)          

Title: The Use of Photovoice to Understand American Indian Youth’s Perceptions of their Dietary Landscape (A)

Authors: Kathleen Kelly 

Organisations: Colorado State University


Title: Enhancing Well-Being through Anti-Depression Campaigns: Application of Transtheoretical Model (A)  

Authors: Tatiana Levit, Alexis Zederayko and Magdalena Cismaru 

Organisations: University of Regina


Title: The Greatest Gift: Improving Couple HIV Testing Rates in South Africa (P)      [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Tessa Meyer and Jocelyn Marlborough  

Organisations: Society for Family Health


Title: Holding up the Mirror to ‘System 1′: Facing the Reality of Unconscious Racial Discrimination (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kathy O’Donoghue and Janine Scott       

Organisations: Beyond Blue and TNS


Seminar Room 2 (4 presentations)      

Title: A Review of Global Social Marketing Case Studies involving HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and STBBIs  (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Heather Bowen Ray      

Organisations: Murmur


Title: Using Social Marketing in India  to Engage Private Sector for Reproductive Health Products”. (P) 

Authors: Shivi Rawat, Sharad Agarwal and Mahesh Kalra  

Organisations: Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust


Title: Drivers of Condom Brands Perception, Choice and Loyalty among Generation Y South Africans: Proposed Conceptual Model (A)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Emile Nkwei, Helen Duh and Robert-Lombard Mornay    

Organisations: University of Johannesburg


Title: Changing Social Norms through Community-Based Social Marketing (A)

Authors: Lisa Schuster, Krzysztof Kubacki and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele             

Organisations: Griffith University              


Seminar Room 3 (4 presentations)

Title: Can social marketing approach help towards better law implementation? (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Tanja Kamin and Daša Kokole   

Organisations: University of Ljubljana, No Excuse


Title: Alcohol Consumption Behaviours in Vietnam: A Tale of Two Cities     (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Lukas Parker, Hau Pham, Dang Nguyen, Linda Brennan and Torgeir Aleti  

Organisations: RMIT University Vietnam, University of Oxford, RMIT University, Victoria University


Title: The Use of New Media using Peer Promoters in HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Jeralyn Powell 

Organisations: Aletheia House


Title: Learning from commercial marketing: Novel use of cigarette packaging to communicate health messages (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Crawford Moodie, Karine Gallopel-Morvan, Rey-Pino Juan Miguel and Richard Purves              

Organisations: University of Stirling, University of Granada


Seminar Room 4 (4 presentations)

Title: Disguising the Performance of M-games in Social Marketing (A)

Author: Rory Mulcahy

Organisations: Queensland University of Technology, University of Wollongong


Title: Exploring the Use of Sport-Linked Alcohol Marketing via Social Media (A)   [PDF Presentation]       

Authors: Kate Westberg, Constantino Stavros, Aaron Smith, Geoff Munro and Kevin Argus  RMIT University

Organisations: Australian Drug Foundation


Title: One Issue, Three Campaigns: Effectively Reaching At-Risk Teens (P)   

Presenter: Jeff Jordan

Organisation: Rescue Social Change Group



Title: A comprehensive conceptual model of contemporary coolness for brand and social marketing (A)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Khondker Galib B Mohiuddin, Ross Gordon, Christopher Magee and Jeong Kyu Lee              

Organisations: Macquarie University, University of Wollongong


Seminar Room 5 (4 presentations)       

Title: Improving the Social Marketing Experience (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Michael Basil   

Organisations: University of Lethbridge


Title: The incorporation of Transformative Consumer Research principles within the ‘Cancer Good News’ social marketing project: A Case Study (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Lyn Phillipson, Julie Hall and Leissa Pitts

Organisations: University of Wollongong, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District


Title: Moving Forward: Conceptualising the Social Marketing Value Chain  (A)

Authors: Marie-Louise Fry, Josephine Previte and Linda Brennan   

Organisations: Griffith Business School, University of Queensland, RMIT University


Title: Looking through a glass onion: A mixed method formative research case (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Julia Carins, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele and Justin Fidock         

Organisations: Griffith University, Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)

3:30pm – 4:00pm

Refreshments & networking

4:00pm – 5:30pm

Plenary session - "The Future > The Now speaks" - click for details

[Watch Video]

Chair: Dr Ross Gordon, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Macquarie University, Sydney


Dr Thomas Anker – University of Glasgow; “Consumer dominant social marketing: how to foster social change through the adoption of disruptive business models”. [PDF Presentation]

Kathleen Chell – PhD student at QUT; “Reflections on starting a career in social marketing.”

Irma Martam, Director of Pulih Foundation, Partner of Tulodo; “Multi level approaches, and gender perspectives to social transformation” [PDF Presentation]

Dr Sinead Duane – National University of Ireland, Galway; “Partnership working for the future: Is it key to delivering long term social change?”

This special session follows up on the successful ‘Future Speaks’ panel session from the 2013 World Social Marketing Conference in Toronto, and will feature a panel of emerging social marketing academics and practitioners discussing some of the most important issues and challenges in the field.

In recognising the innovation, new ideas and fresh thinking that emerging social marketers have to offer, speakers will present and discuss three key issues they identify for social marketing that are relevant now and for the future.

The session will feature short presentations from each of the  speakers, followed by a question and answer discussion session with the audience.

5:30pm – 5:45pm

Day 1 Review with Dr. Craig Lefebvre - click for details

Join Craig Lefebvre for this interactive session as he draws on presentations, conversations and social media trends from throughout the day to review what’s hot, and what’s not!
[PDF Presentation]

6:00pm – 7:00pm

Drinks Reception - click for details

Join colleagues in the exhibition and poster area for some end of day networking and looking ahead to Day 2.

Tuesday 21st April

7:45am – 8:45am

Social Marketing on Toast: A breakfast discussion on the benchmark criteria for social marketing - click for details

[PDF Presentation]

Start your day with an intellectual bucks fizz. Come and join Rebekah Russell-Bennett  and Jeff French for this early seminar on what social marketing is all about and how best to describe it. This session will feed into the AASM , iSMA and ESMA work on developing a globally endorsed set of social marketing principles and concepts to underpin the global consensus definition of social marketing developed by the associations in 2013.

In preparation for the session, please download and read this article which outlines Jeff and Rebekah’s proposed changes to the Benchmark Criteria
Jeff French Rebekah Russell-Bennett , (2015),”A hierarchical model of social marketing”, Journal of Social Marketing, Vol. 5 Iss 2 pp. 139 – 159

(Tea, coffee, toast and pastries will be served for attendees)

9:00am – 10:30am

Welcome from AASM President, Ross Gordon, followed by Keynote Presentation - click for details

Keynote speakers:

09.15 Joel Bakan, author, filmmaker and professor of law at the University of British Columbia 

Marketing and the Social Good - Part Problem, Part Solution   [Watch Video]

Joel critically examines how corporations deploy increasingly manipulative and insidious tactics to market their products (especially to children and youth) while, at the same time, marketing themselves as credible and trustworthy advocates of the social good. Social marketing can play an important role in countering these potentially harmful and deceptive practices, he suggests, though only if it remains self-consciously independent, rooted in critical thinking, and vigilantly resistant to industry attempts to coopt and influence its practice. Bakan provides critical reflections on today’s commercial marketing while offering hopeful discussion on how social marketing can be a force for good.

10.00 Ashfaq RahmanManaging Director, Social Marketing Company (SMC), Bangladesh

Maximizing social impact through a sustainable social business model social marketing applied at scale.  [PDF Presentation]  [Watch Video]

With over 800 full time employees and an annual turnover of $ 35.0 million, Social Marketing Company (SMC), Bangladesh is one of the largest and most successful social marketing organizations globally.  Established in 1974 as a family planning project, SMC today represents 30% of all national contraceptive use in Bangladesh.   SMC is also the biggest manufacturer and distributor of oral rehydration salts (ORS) selling over 400 M sachets annually.   SMC also implements several donor programs involving BCC and training of private sector health providers. It manages a network of 6000 fractional franchise clinics called Blue Star. 

In this presentation Ashfaq Rahman the CEO of the SMC will describe how the SMC evolved and applied social marketing on a national scale to achieve population level impact. Ashfaq will also describe how by following a business model focused on sustainability through cross subsidy, SMC has achieved full recovery of all non-program related expenditures in recent years making its operations sustainable over time.  The presentation will be illustrated using examples of SMC work in fields or sexual health, family planning, preventive medicine and disease prevention.

10:30am – 11:00am

Refreshments & networking

11:00am – 12:30pm

Track Sessions - A choice of up to 5 concurrent sessions - click for details

Key: (A) = Academic paper, (P) = Practitioner paper

Seminar Room 1 (4 presentations)      

Title: Say ‘Yeah, Nah’ and Ease Up On The Drink (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kathy Compton and Wendy Billingsley   

Organisations: Health Promotion Agency


Title: Curriculum, Collateral and Collaboration: Addressing Alcohol and Social Norms in an Australian High School Setting  (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kelly Andrews, Stephen Hudson, Hayley Dean, Danika Hall, Ashleigh Kunze and Sandra Jones    

Organisations: Australian Catholic University


Title: Anti-Fat Bias, Health Consciousness and Eating Behaviour (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Matthew Wood

Organisations: University of Brighton


Title: Increasing Walking Among Overweight and Obese Adults: Initial Insights from an Australian Formative Study (A)

Authors: Mohammad Kadir, Krzysztof Kubacki, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele and Mazhar Haque     

Organisations: Griffith University, Mater Adult Hospital University of Queensland


Seminar Room 2 (4 presentations)

Title: headspace “We’ve Got Your Back” Campaign: Supporting young Australians through tough times (P)

Authors: Jenny Witham and Elisabeth Tuckey       

Organisations: Colmar Brunton, Headspace


Title: Receiving Help: Learning from Sri Lankan Victims of the Asian Tsunami (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Jayawickrama Withanage Dushan Chaminda, Rowan E. Bedggood and Daniela Rosenstreich      

Organisations: Swinburne University of Technology


Title: Minimising Gambling Harm – “Family Factor” An example of an engaged exchange (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Russell Duncan

Organisations: Health Promotion Agency


Title: Corporate Social Responsibility and Problem Gambling Marketing Programmes (A)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: June Buchanan and Cynthia Webster      

Organisations: Macquarie University


Seminar Room 3 (4 presentations)         

Title: Developing Culture Change Campaigns for Military Environments: I Am Air Force Energy Campaign (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Katrina Tavanlar, Darrin Kayser and Laura Michael           

Organisations: Booz Allen Hamilton


Title: Identification of barriers and benefits for Jack Johnson’s All At Once campaign (A)          

Authors: Jennifer Lynes, Stephanie Whitney, Sean McCann, Paul Bousfield and Eryn Stewart              

Organisations: University of Waterloo


Title: Understanding Human-Centered Factors Influencing Uptake of HIV Self-Testing (P)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Anabel Gomez, Thayer Rosenberg, Petra Stankard, Rhoune Ochako, Mwende Mbondo, Lucy Maikweki, Saira Abudulla, Alexandra Spyrelis, Sasha Frade, Tessa Meyer, Miriam Mhazo, Noah Taruberekera, Dirk Taljaard and Scott Billy  

Organisations: PSI


Title: Using Commercial Marketing Techniques to Expand Contraceptive Options in Zambia and Malawi (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Anabel Gomez, Temple Cooley and Donna Sherard          

Organisations: PSI


Seminar Room 4 (3 presentations)       

Title: Building Engagement over Time for Low-Priority, Repetitive Behaviours – Team Power Smart Update (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Jay Kassirer      

Organisations: Tools of Change


Title: Encouraging others to donate: Importance of social context for positive word-of-mouth communication (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kathleen Chell, Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Geoff Smith             

Organisations: Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Queensland University of Technology


Title: Using value theory for segmentation in social marketing (A)   [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Ross Gordon, Katherine Butler, Christopher Magee, Gordon Waitt and Paul Cooper              

Organisations: Macquarie University, University of Wollongong


Workshop Presentations (4 presentations)

Title: Social Practice Theory: A New Insight for Social Marketers to Foster Pro-environmental Behaviour (A)     [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Bee Veun Lim, Weng Wai Choong and Naoko Kaida         


Title: Critically Analysing Social Marketing Response to Electricity Crisis in South Africa: An Appropriate Model Proposed (A) 

Authors: Paul Blaise Issock Issock, Helen Duh and Merci Mpinganjira          


Title: The use of ethnographic filmmaking in social marketing design (A)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kishan Kariippanon, Vidad Narayan, Bryce McCoy, Kate Senior and Datjarranga Garrawirtja        



12:30pm – 1:30pm


1:30pm – 3:00pm

Track Sessions - A choice of up to 5 concurrent sessions - click for details

Key: (A) = Academic paper, (P) = Practitioner paper

Seminar Room 1 (4 presentations) 

Title: Healthier. Happier. Using Online Assessment and Digital Support Tools to Facilitate the Reduction of Overweight and Obesity in Queensland (P)      

Authors: Jane Martin and Monique Voltz

Organisations: Queensland Health            


Title: Stick With It! Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study using Nudging to Assist with Weight Loss Maintenance  (A)   [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Amy Wilson, Svetlana Bogomolova and Jon Buckley        

Organisations: University of South Australia         


Title: Silver surfers: proposing an e-servicescape framework for active ageing (A)   [PDF Presentation]  

Authors: Aimee Defries, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Kim Johnston and Mark Rosenbaum       

Organisations: Queensland University of Technology, Northern Illinois University  


Title: Creating Change in a Digital World: Harnessing the Power of Digital Tools to Create Behaviour Change (P)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Paul Irwin         

Organisations: FCB         


Seminar Room 2 (4 presentations)      

Title: How To Drink Properly  (P)      

Authors: Jennifer Chin and John Scott      

Organisations: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and DrinkWise Australia



Authors: Tom Farrell and Anastasia Tate 

Organisations: National University of Ireland, Arizona State University, AquaTT, Ecsite, Institute of Oceanology PAS         


Title: When it’s good to be a quitter: The development of youth orientated counter marketing anti-tobacco resources  (A)

Authors: Lance Barrie, Michael Chapman, Emily Messiah, Josh Beard and Ross Gordon       

Organisations: University of Wollongong, Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre, Macquarie University             


Seminar Room 3 (4 presentations)


Authors: Sarah Beasley, Katie Mooney, Simone Pettigrew and Cassandra Clayforth              

Organisations: Cancer Council WA           


Title: Talking Families – Using Social Marketing to prevent child abuse and neglect  (P)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Joan Young and Steve Armitage

Organisations:  Colmar Brunton and Queensland Families and Children’s Commission


Title: (App)lying Social Marketing Strategies to Address Common Pitfalls of Health Behaviour Change Apps  (A)  [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Shun Qin Audrey Koh    

Organisations: University of Sydney         


Title: From “Heads on Beds” to Healthy Behavior: Helping U.S. Hospital Marketers to use Social Marketing  (P)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: May Kennedy and Susan Dubuque           

Organisations: Virginia Commonwealth University             


Seminar Room 4 (4 presentations)

Title: Incentivizing Online Social Marketing Message Diffusion: A Conceptual Framework (A)    [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Helen Siuki, Cynthia Webster and June Buchanan              

Organisations: Macquarie University       


Title: A Critical Analysis of Complaints about Alcohol Advertising on Social Media: A Regulatory Perspective (A)

Authors: Aziemah Othman and Robyn Ouschan

Organisations: Curtin University


Title: Advancing Theory and Research in Social Marketing: Interactive Management for Complex Problem Thinking (A)   [PDF Presentation] 

Authors: Christine Domegan, Patricia McHugh, Michelle Devaney, Michael Hogan, Benjamin Broome, Sinead Duane, John Joyce, David Murphy, Marzia

Organisations: Mazzonetto and Joanna Piwowarczyk


Title: The Real Warriors Campaign: Reaching Out Makes a Real Difference (P)   [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kathryn Duthaler and Danika Rainer       

Organisations: Booz Allen Hamilton         


Seminar Room 5 (4 presentations)       

Title: “The health shop”- An Integrated Social Marketing Approach To Generate Demand for Malaria Testing (P)   [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Kalyani  Umhamangalam and Elizabeth Streat    

Organisations: Malaria Consortium          


Title: Changing Behaviours to Scale Up Rural Sanitation in the Philippines  (P)   [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Edkarl Galing   

Organisations: World Bank          


Title: Marketing Clean Cookstoves in Central Java, Indonesia  (P)      

Authors: Voravate Tuntivate       

Organisations: World Bank          


Title: Engaging Women in Rural Communities to Become Entrepreneurs and Effective Behavioural Change Agents  (P)   [PDF Presentation]

Authors: Toslim Uddin Khan and Sukumar Sarker 

Organisations: Social Marketing Company             

3:00pm – 3:30pm

Refreshments, networking and poster presentations

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Special Interest Sessions - Click for Details of 3 available sessions

Session 1

“Ebola communication: mistakes, wins, and lessons going forward” – sponsored by Abt Associates  [Watch Video]

This special session will examine the social marketing implications related to the recent Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. We will critique prevention and treatment messages, community outreach efforts, attempts to shift cultural norms, how information, communication and technology (ICT) solutions were deployed, and the role of the media in addressing the biggest public health crisis of our time.

Facilitator: Gael O’Sullivan, Principal Associate l International Health Division, Abt Associates


Yvonne MacPherson, Director, BBC Media Action USA

Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Neelley Hicks, Director of ICT4D Church Initiatives at United Methodist Communications

Session 2

“Meet the Editors”

Publishing evidence-based and scholarly research in social marketing is an important performance indicator for academics and a vital resource for the practice of social marketing.  In this session, you will hear from scholars with editorial roles on the major journals that publish social marketing research about the tips and traps for publishing social marketing research.  You will also hear advice about where and what to publish in social marketing and some of the dilemmas scholars face in publishing leading to an interactive discussion about the notion of publish or perish.


1. Journal of Social Marketing
Editor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele  [PDF Presentation]
Special Conference Issue: Sandra Jones  [PDF Presentation]  and Nadia Zainuddin

2. Journal of Marketing Management
Special Conference Issue: Ross Gordon [PDF Presentation], Rebekah Russell-Bennett [PDF Presentation] and Craig Lefevbre

3. Journal of Non-profit Marketing and Public Sector Marketing
Editor: Gillian Sullivan-Mort (via video)

4. Journal of Services Marketing
Co-editor: Rebekah Russell-Bennett

5. Australasian Marketing Journal and the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.
Editorial Board member: Michael Polonsky

Panel: Publish or Perish? The Dilemmas of where and what to publish

The decision about where to publish social marketing research is never easy. Balancing impact vs ranking lists, journal article v book chapter and practical vs theoretical contribution is a daily challenge for researchers. This panel will outline diverse opinions and perspectives on how to balance performance demands, career success, research interests and real world impact. After the panel presentations, the session will be opened to the floor for a lively discussion on the topic.

Session 3

“Maximizing Impact on a Shoestring”

In this session we will explore how social marketers can maximise the impact of their behaviour change interventions in the context of limited funding, and increased requirements to measure and evidence social and economic returns on investment.

Our panellists will talk to a range of challenges and suggest practical ways of doing more with less, without adversely impacting outcomes. The session will touch on numerous themes including;

- Cost-effectiveness, Return on Investment and Value for Money
- Formative research
- Monitoring and evaluation
- Capacity building
- Partnering and co-creation
- Behavioural design, choice architecture and ‘nudging’
- Mass communications

Is a requirement to do more with less necessarily such a bad thing? Does the rise and rise of economic rationalism mean social marketing programmes may soon be irrelevant? Or just the opposite?

Our panel of experts will provide ideas, techniques and practical strategies that will help your behaviour change program deliver great outcomes when the budget is tight.

Facilitator –
Luke van der Beeke, Marketing for Change

Panellists –
Tom Carroll, Carroll Communications  [PDF Presentation]
Tracey Bridges, Senate SHJ  [PDF Presentation]
Lelde McCoy, The Reputation Group  [PDF Presentation]

5:00pm – 5:35pm

Then, Now and Tomorrow - click for details

[Watch Video]

Chair:  Luke van der Beeke


Dr Nadia Zainuddin, University of Wollongong

Joan Young, Colmar Brunton

Dr Tanja Kamin, University of Ljubljana

This fast-paced session will provide insights into the current state of play, and then consider what may lie in store for social marketing over the coming decades.  It comprises three short presentations from leading social marketers and concludes with an interactive Q&A.  The discussion will be broad ranging and include a look at how social marketing might be better integrated into program design, and how the continued growth of social media may impact the efficacy of social marketing interventions. We will also consider challenges and opportunities afforded by new technology, consider in what new fields social marketing might be applied, and touch on  what other opportunities there may be for social marketing to empower social change moving forward.

5:35pm – 5:45pm

Conference Close - Professor Jeff French

7:30pm – 8:00pm

Pre Dinner Drinks

8:00pm – 11:30pm

Conference Dinner and Awards, followed by entertainment

Wednesday 22nd April

8:30am – 4:00pm

Optional Workshop 3 - Community-based Social Marketing Workshop - presented by Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr - click for details

This one-day introductory workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable and health related behaviour changes. Those who attend the introductory workshop will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing (selecting behaviours, identifying barriers & benefits, developing strategies, conducting a pilot, and broad scale implementation) and be exposed to case studies illustrating its use.

Workshop Evaluations: More than 60,000 program managers have attended workshops on community-based social marketing that Dr. McKenzie-Mohr has delivered internationally. Here are several anonymous evaluations from recent workshops:

“Fantastic. Simply invaluable.”

“By far, the best workshop I’ve attended — on any topic!!!”

“Brilliant speaker.”

“Easily the most valuable workshop I’ve ever attended.”

“Outstanding presentation style. Expertise is obvious.”

“Most valuable workshop/training I’ve EVER attended!”

“Enormously beneficial”

“Great information. Speaker was wonderful.”

“Highest quality training I have ever had the fortune to be part of.”